Casting since 1986, I come to the table with a combined family’s experience of over 100 years in the commercial and film business.  My many years of experience working with talented award winning directors, production companies and advertising agencies, has provided me with the expertise and confidence to support your creative vision.

Having worked in front of and behind the camera… I am well rounded and understand the entire casting process, from the written word to the moving picture.

I see my role as the link or if you will,  the translator between the advertising agency’s vision and the directors’ point of view. 

My position has always been to link the two together, facilitating the creative process. 

Although I work extensively in the general market, my knowledge of the expanding Latin American Market has gained me a reputation amongst Latin based Advertising Agencies and Production Companies, in the USA and overseas            

Having lived in New York City and abroad, I have a grasp on the global world. Which, I utilize to bring insight into all of the projects that I work on.